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Withholding and Skimming

Withholding and Skimming

Withholding and Skimming

Card withholding occurs when someone places a substance or item in the ATM slot causing your card to get stuck; once you leave, they remove your card using pliers or some other kind of tool. If a criminal managed to observe your PIN, they can withdraw funds from your account − and if it's a credit or debit card, use the card to purchase items at stores, etc. Before you use any ATM, check for any residue or foreign substance in the card slot or for any signs of tampering. If the card is hard to insert, don't force it. If your card gets stuck, call the card issuer immediately to put a hold on your account.

Card Skimming occurs when a device "reads" your card when you pay for items at stores, gas stations, etc. Make sure no one can observe you entering your PIN (keep in mind the thief may be using a hidden camera or other video device).

And be sure to keep track of your account balance at all times. If your card is withheld or skimmed, contact the card issuer immediately.

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