• Chris Klinginsmith

    Chris Klinginsmith

    Financial Advisor
    403 West Broadway Boulevard
    Sedalia, MO 65301
    Phone: 660.596.7615




    What does a professional investment representative offer you in today’s economy? Think of Chris as a personal financial coach, someone to help you maintain a big-picture view of your finances.

    Chris begins by assessing your current economic standing; savings, investments, insurance, taxes, as well as your long-term retirement, education funding and estate strategy. He then helps you focus on and prioritize your short-and long-term goals. From there, he will present a personal investment strategy driven by personal preferences, risk tolerance and investment time horizon.

    Once your strategy is in place, Chris invites you to periodically review your progress, discuss emerging economic conditions and determine whether any strategic adjustments are prudent.

    Chris welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate to you the difference a committed and conscientious financial advisor can make in your financial well-being and peace of mind. Call 660.556.7615, email chris.klinginsmith@investfinancial.com or stop by his office at 403 West Broadway Boulevard to schedule a no-obligation financial review.

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