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    Whether you are saving for college, making a major purchase, or thinking of retirement, the Personal Resource Center has the tools you need to make these transitions smoother.
    Cutting credit card debt

    Millions of Americans use credit cards responsibly every day to build up good credit that can be used for a home loan or to buy a car.

    Tips for recent college grads

    When Howard Rudnick graduated from Florida Atlantic University, he expected to land a job in his field of study.

    How to get the ball rolling with savings

    For many people, saving for retirement feels like reading a never-ending story: You keep thinking you're getting close to your goals, but you're never

    Save money while shopping for clothes

    Shopping for new clothes can always be a fun activity, but that joy will quickly dissolved when you see the price tags on some outfits.

    What to know before applying for a home loan

    Buying a home may seem like an intimidating process, especially if this is the first time you're going through it.

    Pain-Free Tax Filing

    With tax season rapidly approaching, many Americans will scramble to get all of their financial information and documentation in one place.

    Overlooked tax deductions

    If you have filed your taxes by yourself for a number of years, you may consider yourself a tax season vet.